Curious, Astro-Science questions from Ilboru Primary School

Curious questions below were asked by primary schools students from Ilboru secondary school following a Science Club session on understanding and exploring the Sun as a Star using protective Sun sunglasses. These students are always happy to learn and share their learning with others through this blog, please get in touch with Eliatosha if you would like to learn with his students by responding to questions below or engaging in discussion with them through

  1. Clara Elirehema asked:

            Here in the world, there are a variety of minerals that are very important in the production of various substances, do not experts see the importance of using solar gases such as Hydrogen gas which is more than 92 percent, Helium 83 percent that makes up the sun?

  1. Rebeca Abraham asked:

        What devices are used to detect and measure the sun and what are the devices from which nations?

  1. Caren James asked:

      We learn that there are scientists and various countries in the world that have used and sent satellites to the sky along with scientists on the Moon. Are there scientists who have gone to the Sun? And does the Sun have a solid surface like the one on Earth? 

  1. Emperor Abasi asked:

     What effect does solar wind have on living organisms or what effects if it reaches the earth?

  1. Grace Florence asked:

 We have learned that the age of the solar star is 4 and a half Billion years, How is the age of the sun measured? And does the sun age or diminish its light or energy from its formation?

  1. Noela Erick asked:

      In the study of Geography and Science, we have learned that Energy can be stored for a long time. Don’t countries see the potential to store solar energy as they do for oil reserves like petroleum, diesel, and gasoline? 

  1. Aneth Aristides asked:

     What is the meaning of Nuclear fusion, and how important is it in our daily lives?

  1. Emaculata Paul asked:

      We have learned that the sun heats up more than a billion degrees Celsius and its surface heats up to 6000°C, why is it that big industries are not using solar energy to melt heavy metals and other materials that need to high temperature to be melted?

Please engage in discussion or share your response. Our children will love to hear what you think of their questions and answers.

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