Organization for Science Education and Observatory

About OSEO
The Organization for Science, Education, and Observatory (OSEO) in Meru District, Tanzania is the governing body and operator of the Mt. Meru Astronomical Observatory (MMAO). From 2014 through 2019 OSEO worked with Telescopes to Tanzania, a project of Astronomers Without Borders, to develop, construct, and manage the physical observatory. As of 2020 the OSEO Board of Directors manages the MMAO telescopes, facilities, and education and outreach programs throughout Tanzania.

Vision and Mission
The Organization for Science Education and Observatory envisions a society where science education is integrated into education and development, at all ages and across all schools in Tanzania. OSEO’s mission aims to develop and attract Tanzanian interest, curiosity and passion for science as a means to understand the world in which we live, and to drive innovation and development.

The main objective of the Organization for Science Education and Observatory is to promote the love of science education and astronomy among as many teachers and students as possible in Tanzania.
– To conduct astronomical and science training for as many teachers and students as possible within Tanzania.
– To integrate astronomy in the teaching curriculum as outlined in the national syllabus.
– To develop and disseminate hands on science and astronomy teaching resources.
– To create a model science laboratory and observatory with telescopes and computers, a portable planetarium, internet capacity and global connections to other observatories around the world.
– To serve as an equatorial dark sky observing centre.

Board Members
Elineema Nassari, Director
Mponda Malozo, Chair
Elisante Maturo, Treasurer
Ramasamy Venugopal
Mike Simmons
Kai Staats