We all Hear and Learn Together at Once!

There are many of us, interested in space and astronomy education. It is however not easy for our teacher to bring all of us together in the class and make us listen to the Eyes in the Sky podcasts through his mobile phone. 

This time, this shall no longer be the case. We have a rechargeable, big blue tooth speaker, that is loud for all of us in the class to hear. Even from the far back of the class.  Our teacher bought this for us, through a donation from one of our countrymen in Tanzania, who understands the challenge we face. 

MMAO speaker We also learn better by watching, our teacher has been showing us pictures using his laptop computer. It is not easy for all of us to go through the screen and watch the pictures. Some of us have to let go and hear from those who made it to the screen. This could also be better if have a projector to project pictures and video on the screen. 

We asked our teacher to bring us a project. With your support, we hope he will manage to improve our learning environment with this needed device. 

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