A Young Tanzanian Architect

By being a member of the Astro-Science club at Ilboru Primary School, a thirteen years old Izack Kika Tulo has been inspired to create 3D building models using locally available materials. 

The young architecture is detailed enough not to forget key details, including the placement of dustbins, functioning stadium lights,  broadcasting room, display screen, spectators’ bench, VIP rooms, net goals and many more. 

A full-functioning stadium isn’t Izack’s first job, he once created a 3D house out of cardboard that was fully wired with functioning security and interior lights. This work was in the National Competition on Science, Technology and Innovation. Though it did not win, it got him to be even more inspired to come up with this igneous idea of building a stadium.

According to various national education surveys,   there are many students who are unable to read and write at his age and level of education. Surprisingly, this young architect knows how to install functioning electric wiring in a model house and the stadium.

Being a voluntary science educator, I am privileged to have close collaboration with his teacher Mr Eliatosha Maleko who has consistently been helping his children in learning and practising science at an early age. 

If you are moved and wish to support our young architect in his endeavour please get in touch with his teacher through eliatosha@gmail.com or +255 629 589 122.

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