Distance Learning update, May 5, 2020

call list Eliatosha writes, “Yesterday I managed to get all [the] numbers [for each parent], and good enough I called them just to ask if they have smart phones. But 90% of parents they don’t have accessibility, they have just normal phones, therefore as per my small research I suggest that it will be good for me to print and photocopy the home package as my school can be a good point where they can come and collect and finally making of there works.

“Yesterday also as per my call to the parents they were very very happy and excited with what we are doing because they say their children were very very idle with nothing to do, and even some parents they were asking me or teacher what then should we do if we don’t have a smart phones? But I just tell them we would look for the best way to reach them all. Thank for you’re concerns to make sure that Tanzanian students are still in school in this hard situation of covid19.”

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