Distance Learning update, May 4, 2020

We thank everyone who has donated for the continued support of our fundraising campaign. The contributions are very well received, and already put to good use. In our weekly Skype call, the four teachers Elineema, Zacharia, Eliatosha, and Eliona provided updates for each of their schools, as follows:

Elineema contacted 5 schools with the OSEO ‘Distance Learning’ proposal, to invoke a direct, working relationship between MMAO and the respective schools. He received three direct responses from Kikatiti, Ngongongare, Makumira and indirectly (below) two more. Great work!

Zacharia states that at Ailanga, 100% of the teachers have provided a digital Home Package to 100% of the students (more than 300) primarily using WhatsApp groups through the students’ parents. Zacharia is now pushing to use the MMAO system for enhanced learning outcomes.

Eliatosha at Ilburo has contacted the Head Teacher, and is working to receive the full list of all parents’ phone numbers such that he can call each one, to arrange for inclusion of as many of his home-bound student body as possible.

Eliona at Ngongongare has discussed the MMAO Distance Learning program with the Head Teacher. She received the letter from Elineema and will today provided phone numbers for the parents. Eliona has already reached 10 students via WhatsApp and is driving his motorcycle to meet with students who do not have a digital means, to deliver a printed “home package”.

The conclusion of the call is that the next round of funding through this campaign will go toward paper, ink, and printing of home packages, assignments and reading material for home-bound students who do not have internet access.

Zacharia visited another school last week where they have printed home packages and the students returned to the school, entering one by one to receive the packages, each week. We are working to replicate this at each school where students yet remain without continued education.

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