A family visit to MMAO

Nanette and family visit MMAO

“What a wonderful surprise it was to learn that we have an observatory in Arusha–near Arusha National Park–that has the largest telescope in East Africa! It’s a small but well-equipped and well-maintained facility directed by the charming Mr. Elineema Nasarri, a gifted, enthusiastic, and very knowledgeable teacher.

The goal of the Mount Meru Astronomical Observatory is to provide science education to students and others. Elineema hosted our small group–my husband and myself and our four local “sons” from the nearby village where we live. Soon he had everyone asking questions and laughing and in awe of the grandeur of the planets, stars and galaxies.

We look forward to visiting again and working with them to share the marvels of the Universe with our local villagers. We are feeling very grateful to Telescopes to Tanzania who built the facility, and to the Organization for Science, Education and Observatory which operates it, for bestowing this gift on Arusha.” —Nanette