Distance Learning Update, June 6, 2020

“I am very happy to send many greetings and appreciation from my head teacher and staff members for the great support [and] funds from [the] donors that help to facilitate learning during this hard time of pandemic virus COVID-19 for Tanzania students.

First of all my head teacher and other members of the staff are very happy and excited for what we’re doing because during this time, every one, including institutions in many countries all over the world were without knowing [how] to assist students. But for us it [has] become possible. Therefore they are proud of all of you who make this to happen.

[In a recent] staff meeting the big issue [concerned] ways that we could assist students at this time of COVID-19. We also discuss how MMAO via [various] donors managed to make it possible. Here the head teacher explained that he discussed this matters with government officials, [in particular] the District Officer where by he was very impressed with how we managed to do it. The District officer asked for the web link where by he managed to see many educational packages as we had prepared for the students. He thanked every one, [and for] himself he states he was not able to think how students could be assisted when this pandemic erupted. This makes schools to ask how they could join the MMAO website in order to gain benefit for their students too.

Further more, as from my last update [to this website], the some parents managed to link to our website and download packages for their students, [while for others] the headteacher tells them that printed packages will also be ready for them to pick-up on 4 June. [The students] came to pick them up. Therefore we promised them to prepare another package soon, if funds will be available.

Lastly but not least, send many thanks to all who make it to happen in Tanzania.

Asante Sana.” –Eliatosha Maleko, MMAO Ambassador and teacher at Ilburo Elementary School

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