200 Students visit the observatory!

MMAO - 200 students visit the observatory After a long, seemingly endless three months of rain, the sun has come out and the students have arrived –in droves!

Zacharia writes, “Today, Pendaeli and I received 200 Confirmation students and 15 teacher from Mulala Parish which is made of three sub-parishes, Kilinga, Kyuta and Mulala itself. They came for a youth conference hosted by Ailanga and led by the Bishop of the Diocese of Meru. This is the first big group we ever received–and it was really big!

“They visited our observatory and we were able to give a short tour for them, explaining what [astronomers] do. The kids were so exited to see such a big telescope, something they never knew it is existing. For example one young boy didn’t want to leave the observatory until he could see through a telescope. So we provided him a small telescope and in the end he left with a great memory.

“The teachers promised to come back and make appointment for night observation.”

What a day!

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