Prep for a finished floor

MMAO - Prep for a floor polish

Yesterday was … challenging. We emptied the entire observatory, including removal of the telescope from the Dec arm to make way for the sanding and washing of the terrazzo floor. The original contractor failed to apply the correct seal, using wax instead of polyurethane or epoxy. Over the past three weeks, the wax has collected dirt to the point of being impossible to remove.

While this was happening, I set up shop on a table outside and rebuilt a 5″ reflector, removing and cleaning, then collimating both mirrors.

When I learned that the contractor who was to have applied the sealant today had not read the back of the can nor measured the floor before providing his quote, hoping to use just 5 liters instead of the minimum 15 for the 70 square meters, Thomas and I raced to town, arriving just 8 minutes before the shop closed in order to purchase an additional 3 containers.

Today I will apply the “sandstone sealer” with hope that this successfully completes the floor and we can move in permanently first thing Sunday morning.

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