Ambassadors and Advisors

MMAO Astronomy Ambassadors MMAO Astronomy Ambassadors

These Astronomy Ambassadors are directly engaged at the MMAO observatory:

MMAO Ambassador Elineema Elineema Nassari
In 2011 Elineema met the late Pastor Chuck and Sue, where his passion for Astronomy was ignited! Since this time, he have worked to support the completion of the MMAO observatory and os now leading the collaboration. Elineema is eager to learn and share with his students all he can about the origin of the life, planets, stars, the cosmos itself. What intrigues Elineema the most is that we are all made of star dust!

MMAO Ambassador Eliatosha Eliatosha Maleko
Eliatosha is teaching at Ilboru Primary School, covering subjects English, Geography, and Science in Standard Six. Since his work with the late Chuck Ruehle and Sue Ruehle in 2012, he has made astronomy center to his work as a middle school teacher. He has dedicated much of his time to various outreach activities in several public and private schools, and university colleges such as Dodoma and Patandi Teachers collage in Arusha, Tanzania.

These Astronomy Advisors help guide the use of the MMAO observatory, program development, and educational material:

Kai Staats, MMAO Astronomer Advisor Kai Staats, MSc
Kai Staats is a researcher, filmmaker, writer, and amateur astronomer who has since 2016 lead the development of the Mt. Meru Astronomical Observatory. Kai was inspired by and continues to work in the memory of Chuck Ruehle to bring the magic and mystery of dark night skies to learners everywhere. Kai holds a Masters in Applied Mathematics from the University of Capetown, his research in the application of evolutionary computation to noise mitigation in radio astronomy at the Square Kilometre Array, South Africa. Kai worked with the gravitational wave observatory LIGO for three years and is now a director of research at the University of Arizona where he and his team have constructed a sealed and pressurized Mars habitat analog.

Dan Heim, MMAO Astronomer Advisor Dan Heim
Dan Heim is a retired secondary school physics instructor, life-long amateur astronomer, professional editor and producer of educational multimedia and publications for science and mathematics.

Dan was instrumental in refurbishing the principal telescope for MMAO and continues to be involved in the organization, guiding the on-going training of the ambassadors and provision of high quality educational material for visitors to the observatory.